Become a


There are several ways in which you or your business can become a sponsor.


One Time Sponsor

Whether it’s a business or personal donation, any amount is greatly appreciated.

Tortoise Sponsorship: $50 or more we will send you a picture, fun facts about one of our animals and 5 tour tickets.

Ball Python Sponsorship: $100 or more you will receive all from the Tortoise Sponsorship along with a Rowe Reptiles tote, a thank you on our social media accounts.

Water Monitor Sponsorship: $500 or more includes all from the Ball Python Sponsorship along with a private tour for 20 of your co-workers, clients, family or friends. We will also include your name or business on our website.


Monthly Donations

Monthly donations help us continually care for the animals. You will receive the same donation benefits as the One Time Sponsor levels but payments will be broken into 12 months. Please contact us for more details or to sponsor.