Animal Care Specialist

We are currently looking to train someone to be a Reptile Care assistant to help us take care of a large number of snakes and lizards in Northborough.

Requirements include: 
- Cleaning and changing Cages
- Water changes
- Food Prep
- Tong Feeding. 
- Documentation: (Weights/Lengths, etc..)

Schedule Details: 
Monday and Tuesday evening is usually the major feeding day.

Please be comfortable working with snakes/lizards or be willing to be trained. Also due to their feeding requirements please be comfortable feeding of frozen/thawed rodents/fowl.

Please let me know your experience with reptiles even if the answer is none. You can contact us at

Animal Show Specialist

Do you love reptiles? Do you love humans? We are looking for humans who want to help out with our various animal shows, tours, and classes. If interested please email us at

Volunteer opportunities

Do you want to cuddle with cute and adorable reptiles? Do you love reptiles sometimes more than humans? Have time? Then come and volunteer to help care, love, and clean our animals.